The Piano Era 2022 – Program 曲目介紹

11 月 16, 2022

以一種假裝放蕩的矜持 與你告別 Farewell (in a pretentious way)


The first song Farewell depicts the time a couple spent together before they bid farewell.

夕陽消失之前 Twilight Clouds


This song takes us to North Dawu Mountain, a sacred place of native Taiwanese. This song is about sunlights peeking through moving clouds during sunset.

降落在金黃色草坡 Sunlit Grassland


We started to hike to Qilai South Peak in darkness at 3AM. While trying to adjust our breathes and warm up during uphill climb, we saw beautiful sunrise and the golden grassland at the top.

驟雨 Sudden Rain

Sudden RainはヴァイオリニストのKaiによって作曲されました。高山湖へのハイキングの旅からインスパイアされたものです。ハイキングの途中、私たちは大雨に降られました。山小屋に到着した後、私たちはとても疲れていて、みんなで一緒に座りました。

Sudden Rain was composed by the violinist Kai. It’s inspired by the trip hiking to an alpine lake. A heavy rainfall drenched us during the hike. After we arrived the hikers hut, we were so tired and all sit together for warmth.

棲居在溪源之上 Seeking the Sources of Streams


This song documented our 15 days journey of visiting the sources of the streams deep in the Central Mountain Range, which includes Danda stream, Wonderland at the lower Danda west stream, Tanxi Valley (Breathless Valley), and Zhui Zhui Valley.

巨木曾在的痕跡 Remains of Ancient Trees


Remains of Ancient Trees started from the long history of deforestation of hinoki, and the restoration in the 90’s. As the song proceeds, clarinet goes on like how hinoki sprouted from the fallen trees, growing stronger along the creek and rooted on the foggy hillside.

越過海岸山脈 Over Coastal Range


This is about diving around the islands in eastern Taiwan and being surrounded by the abundant marine life, sunlight, and the dreamy ocean bubbles.

A Man Main Theme


This is the main theme of the film “A Man”. We summarized the main character’s life and combine the key moments in the film. We hope it provides a space for the audience to reflect on the film.

仰望海平面 Light Shining Through the Sea


This song is about the experience when we were amazed by the lights shining through the sea and the meditative state while diving. The ocean is an outlet of our daily life.

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